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Bellevue Dentist: Know about Dental Sedation for Kids

Parents’ Role in Dental Sedation for Children

Is your child up for a surgical procedure at the dentist’s clinic and requiring anesthesia? Your child’s safety and well-being are your topmost concerns. While the dentist can assure you a safe procedure, you can help reduce the risks and the stress for your child before, during and after the treatment.

Firstly, know the sedation options your dentist will use. There are three: oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and intravenous injection. Oral sedation is by mouth or through the nose, taking up to 20 minutes to work. It will not put the child to sleep, but it helps him stay calm and relaxed. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is delivered by mask and the child relaxes within five minutes and goes to sleep. Intravenous sedation is delivered via a needle inserted into the child’s vein at the back of his hand, though nitrous oxide may be given first to make the patient sleep before the injection.

A few things first before you bring your child to the clinic. Prepare your child for the procedure by restricting his food and liquid intake as sedation poses the risk of vomiting stomach contents or inhaling them into the lungs. Loose-fitting clothes allow attaching of monitors easily and without fuss. Of course, a full dental and medical history of the patient must be disclosed by parents, including any past or current medications. At the dentist’s, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, temperature and heart rate are closely monitored.

You can keep your child calm and preoccupied by bringing along a favorite toy or book, hold his hand or give gentle reassurances. Your attention is fully focused on the child. Especially when he wakes up after the sedation, he sees you first and gets positive reassurances again. He can still be confused or fussy and may feel nauseous. For the first few hours, he may be disoriented or sleepy and definitely need not engage in school or play for the day. Soft foods are recommended for a few days. Any fever, bleeding or pain experiences must be reported to the dentist at once.

Safe and No-Fuss Anesthesia for Kids by Bellevue Dentist

Overlake Dental is your child-friendly dental practice in Bellevue. Our long and esteemed history in pediatric dental treatment centers on the safety and well-being of children in our care. We work hand-in-hand with parents in all facets of dental treatment, especially surgery and sedation for kids.

Recovering All your Teeth in One Day

What is the All-on-4 Treatment Concept?

All-on-4 is a dental treatment technique which stands for all teeth being supported on four dental implants. This procedure intends to rehabilitate patients who have lost their teeth, partially or completely (called edentulous patients) or whose teeth are badly damaged, broken or compromised due to gum disease.

Your dentist will strategically place four titanium implants into your upper jaw and these will support 10 to 14 teeth as a fixed prosthesis. If warranted, the lower jaw can have its own All-on-4 as the upper.

Sometimes patients will opt for a full mouth fixed bridge that can be made up of zirconia or a combination of acrylic teeth over a titanium framework which is durable and repairable. There might be additional procedures that need to be carried out before implant placement – things like additional teeth extraction or gum disease treatment or more extensive lab work that will better ensure good treatment outcomes.

The great news is, you can have a set of brand new teeth in only one day – on the day you decide to have the surgery. It is quick and a great time-saver and money-saver than choosing to have several implants over a period of time. Recovery period is also shorter for All-on-4 dental implants. You reap the benefits of this amazing procedure right after you walk out of your dentist’s office. You will be able to chew your food better, speak better, have your confidence and self-esteem back, look natural and smile once more.

One Visit: New Smile

Entrust this delicate procedure to an experienced and qualified professional, such as Dr. Young Lee, your Bellevue dentist at Overlake Dental. See him for a consultation and find out more about All-on 4.

ED4 Technology: Single Visit Dentistry

What is ED4 Technology?

When talking about hi-tech dentistry, the buzz around town is the revolutionary same-day dentistry techniques. Hence, ED4, the latest acquired in this category is in the fore of discussions in the dental community. Modern dentistry now is more convenient, more patient-friendly, and time-saving.

The ED4 is a dental office CAD/CAM system, using an intra-oral laser scanner that can scan a tooth in 3D image and create a custom, permanent restoration – be it a crown, veneer, or inlay. It does not use dental powder and eliminates the need for dental impressions, hence it is not messy. The software provides accurate scanning and allows the dentist-operator to design the crown or veneer and make adjustments before it goes to the milling system.

In turn, via touch-screen controlled system, the restoration piece is produced by a 4D software. All these take only 60 to 90 minutes. You, as the patient, get a new tooth or set of teeth while seated in the dental chair.

Consider what ED4 has to offer to both patients and practitioners by way of quicker delivery of professional dental services. The procedure and fabrication processes are safe, micro-accurate, and fast, saving valuable time that otherwise would take patient and dentist 2 to 3 or so days to conclude successfully. The ED4 also ensures that you will not need to wear temporaries. It therefore eliminates multiple visits, trial and error, and waiting time. The system produces permanent, natural-looking and metal-free restorations all in one visit.

Bellevue Dentist practicing Digital Dentistry

Overlake Dental brings digital dentistry to Bellevue, making your appointments fast, easy and safe. Experience same day dentistry and have that natural and healthy-looking smile in just one visit. Ask Dr. Young Lee about your same-day crown.

The Wisdom of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The Problems with Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last to emerge in the dental arch, around the ages 17 to 21 years, making their appearance in the realm of the later teen years bordering into early adulthood. With enough space left in the arch, assuming the jaws have reached their full growth, there should be no problem for wisdom teeth coming in. However, these molars are notorious troublemakers for a lot of young people.

For you, even if enough space is left and complete jaw growth is achieved, these teeth may still present problems in more ways than one. Even if perfectly erupted, they are the most difficult to access by brushing or flossing. As such, they are the first to show signs of cavities and decay, if seen early at all.

Usually, your wisdom teeth would be growing in the wrong position, or are partially erupted, or are impacted. Any one of these situations make them difficult to clean, can lead to cavities and decay, can put pressure on adjacent teeth, or damage the roots of its neighbor or the bones of the jaw. Your dentist will have to recommend removal. In addition, if you feel pain and there is infection during eruption, there is gingivitis, or this tooth is going to compromise your normal bite or your normal alignment – the tooth has to come off.

Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Bellevue

Young people with wisdom tooth issues are some of Dr. Young Lee’s favorite patients. In the same vein, he is also their favorite wisdom teeth doctor, a wise and gentle professional who knows how to put his patients at ease. Come to Bellevue dentistry and experience Dr. Lee’s painless extraction. Even if you decide to keep your molars, let him monitor your progress with regular visits.

Being Concerned with the Elderly’s Oral Health

Dental Issues of the Elderly

The elderly, those 60 years and above, are a very special group of patients. With not a few medical concerns to think about, the elderly is also prone to dental health issues. You still have to practise proper oral hygiene – brushing and flossing – as you did when you were as young as your grand- children. Wearing crowns, implants and dentures may have been a part of your younger adult experience but you can still enjoy optimal oral health in spite of these, or because of these. Regular dental visits ensure they perform optimally or will need new ones as you usher in your elderly years.

There is also the link between intake of medications and dental cavities. The elderly are usually on many types of medicines for a variety of illnesses and one common side-effect of many is dry mouth. With decrease saliva production, bacteria build-up occurs easily and attacks tooth structure, leading to cavity formations. You must irrigate your mouth more frequently.

If as younger adults, you do not mind gingivitis and just let this silent inflammation of the gums take its course, you might develop the advanced form of the condition – periodontal disease. You’d notice receding gums exposing roots, or that your teeth seem to appear longer, and deep pockets are surrounding your teeth where food debris and bacteria can lodge. In serious cases, periodontal disease can destroy gums, bone and ligaments. This situation can be avoided and treated if you keep regular appointments and follow dentist’s advice.

Compassionate Dental Care for the Elderly in Bellevue

See your Bellevue dentist soon for an appointment. Overlake Dental is a compassionate center for patients of all ages. The elderly, in particular, are a special group with unique needs we look after.