Same Day Crowns with ED4 – CEREC Alternative

Dr. Lee is proud to use ED4 technology at Overlake Dental’s Bellevue dentistry clinic! Previously, placing a crown would require two appointments. We needed to first make an impression of the tooth and then wait two to three weeks for the new crown to be made.

You would have been fitted with a temporary crown which would put a fragile and uncomfortable fitting compound in the tooth that ran the risk of becoming loose or breaking.

CEREC same-day crowns have been popular in recent years, but the ED4 technology is even more advanced than the CEREC procedure. Only 10% of dental offices around the country have this technology, and Dr. Lee offers same-day crowns with ED4. Your new fitting is typically ready within an hour so you can be in and out of our office with a beautiful new tooth after that single visit!

How ED4 CEREC Alternative Works

When you come in for a new crown to restore a damaged tooth or to cap a filling, you can look forward to a strong new smile that very same day! We make the custom crown in our office, so there is no need to wear a temporary crown and deal with many of the side effects and problems associated with temporaries.

Benefits of ED4 Same-Day Crowns Procedure

Some of the top benefits of the ED4 same-day crown procedure include:

  • Only one appointment is required.
  • The crown strengthens weak or damaged teeth.
  • The crown helps create a natural and healthy-looking smile in one visit.
  • Reduces risk of problems associated with temporary crowns.
  • The procedure will not cause additional damage to the teeth, or surrounding tooth structure.
  • The natural appearance of the crown blends in with existing tooth structure.
  • Results are lasting.
  • Crowns are permanently bonded to the teeth.
  • Custom fit for optimal tooth restoration and long-lasting benefits.

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