Root Canals

When a tooth has become decayed and is irreversibly damaged, it must be treated with a root canal as soon as possible. Even though many people are fearful about visiting the dentist for a root canal, it is actually a very simple procedure and can be performed in just one or two appointments.

Most of our Bellevue dentist’s patients are surprised to find that they do not even experience any pain! It is much more painful to live with a rotting tooth that is causing ongoing pain than to undergo a root canal procedure and be pain-free for the long-term.

How a Root Canal is Performed

To perform this procedure, Dr. Yu will need to numb your gums and then inject local anesthetic into the area.

This will help to completely numb the gums, as well as the tongue, the teeth, and any skin around the area.

When you are completely numb and relaxed, he may need to separate the decayed teeth from the other teeth using a small sheet of rubber on a metal frame.

He can then drill down to remove the pulp from the tooth and fill the area with temporary filling materials, and a final root canal filling. After the root canal is performed, a permanent filling or crown can be placed.

Tooth Structure | Root Canal

Benefits of a Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure treats or prevents an infection of the pulp inside the tooth. Some of the key benefits of this procedure include:

  • Reducing the risk of an infection relocating to other parts of the body.
  • Prevents a more severe infection from occurring or spreading.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging the bone surrounding the tooth or infected teeth.
  • Serves as an alternative to an extraction when a tooth is not severely decayed or infected.

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