Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth StructureIf our Bellevue dentistry clinic finds a large cavity in a tooth that needs to be filled, we may recommend tooth-colored fillings as part of your treatment plan.

This is a restorative procedure that helps to rebuild your teeth by creating a strong bond of resin materials in the dentin and enamel of the teeth.

The result is a very natural-looking tooth that functions just like your regular teeth, which simultaneously prevents any further damage or decay to the delicate pulp of the tooth.

Fillings come in three different varieties: direct fillings, semi-direct fillings, and indirect fillings. Direct fillings are placed inside the cavity. Resin is usually applied in layers. Semi-direct fillings are needed to repair larger areas, but this form of tooth restoration can be removed when needed.

Indirect fillings are necessary when a complex restoration is needed. After the filling has been set in place, our dentists can polish it as needed and also adjust the bite to ensure optimal functioning. He will make a recommendation on the type of filling you need during your consultation.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Benefits of tooth-colored fillings include the following:

  • While other fillings are silver and unsightly, tooth-colored fillings have a natural, healthy appearance that blends in with your existing tooth structure. Nobody will even be able to tell that you’ve had a cavity!
  • Compared to amalgam fillings, which contain mercury and entail certain health concerns, tooth-colored fillings are largely harmless and feature few, if any, side-effects.
  • If your existing tooth structure is weak, a tooth-colored filling can fortify your tooth and prevent future breakage.
  • Installing a tooth-colored filling is a simple procedure with highly predictable results and very little chance of error.

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