5 Reasons to Choose Us

Quality Dental Care

We know you have options when choosing a Bellevue dentist. Dr. Yu and the team at Bellevue Overlake Dental are dedicated to providing a very high level of dental care and patient services to everyone that walks through our doors.

Dr. Yu’s extensive experience and team of highly-trained dental professionals work together to provide patients with a high standard of care you just won’t find at other Bellevue dentistry clinics.

Here are five key reasons to choose Bellevue Overlake Dental:

  1. We Treat You Like Family

    Dr. Yu and the staff take extra steps to make sure every patient is comfortable and relaxed during their visit. We treat you like family and take the time to get to know you better, review your goals, and create a treatment plan that you will be satisfied with.

  2. We Use High-End Technology

    We understand that orthodontics and oral surgery are not for everyone. For some people with breaks or gaps in their teeth, undergoing a full corrective procedure isn’t even necessary. The Snap-On Smile helps to improve the look of your teeth with a thin, ultra-light structure that fastens right over your real teeth. It is a non-invasive treatment that can help you achieve that Hollywood smile in just two visits. No shots, drilling, or surgery are required, and this cosmetic treatment is unique because it is completely reversible.

  3. We Specialize in Minimally-Invasive Dentistry

    From detecting cavities with a laser to performing procedures without any anesthetic or injections needed, our Bellevue dentistry clinic is among the few in the area that offers a comprehensive range of minimally-invasive dental procedures.

  4. You Will Always Receive a Personalized Experience

    At Bellevue Overlake Dental, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience to all of our patients. We do this by making sure every patient feels right at home, whether they come to us for a routine visit or an advanced treatment. You can always look forward to personalized attention and a dedicated team of professionals at your service.

  5. We Offer Competitive and Fair Pricing

    We work to keep our prices fair and competitive so that all patients can get the dental treatment they need. Our Bellevue dental clinic accepts most insurance plans and we can help you with insurance details at any time.

Set up your appointment with Bellevue dentist Dr. Yu by calling 425-453-9999 today!