What to Expect From Your Treatment Plan

Customized Treatment Plan at Bellevue Overlake Dental

Dr. Monica Yu and the team at Bellevue Overlake Dental clinic create a customized treatment plan for every patient. On your very first visit to our Bellevue dental clinic, you will receive a completely personalized experience and a breakdown of all the treatments you need to achieve your oral health goals.

Your treatment plan serves as a guide or blueprint for achieving optimal oral health and may include several treatments or services, such as laser gum disease treatment, deep cleanings, crowns and bridges, or orthodontic care.

Many or all of these procedures can be performed in-house, and Dr. Yu is among the few dentists in Bellevue to offer several types of minimally-invasive procedures for patient comfort.

Your First Visit – What to Expect

After the dental hygienist takes your dental records and performs a basic cleaning, you will meet with one of our dentists to discuss your goals, learn about the current state of your oral health, and find out what types of treatments are available at our office.

This is the ideal time to ask our dentists any questions you have about different procedures, and also take a closer look at the timeline for treatment.

Others, such as dental implants, may require multiple visits over the course of a few months. All of this will be explained to you in detail during your consultation so you will know exactly what you can expect as our patient!

Your Treatment Plan

The treatment plan you receive is subject to change if your mouth or state of oral health changes significantly over the course of the treatment. However, we will provide a realistic estimate and timeline for treatment, and your treatment plan will also include a breakdown of costs. We will use this treatment plan as a guideline to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment at the best possible time.

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