2018 Resolution: Having Better Oral Health

How Do I Improve My Oral Health in 2018?

With 2018 upon us, it sure is a good excuse to start making changes or improvements in our day-to-day living. A new year always brings you into a sphere of self-realization and a call to action. One of the few things we might have taken for granted last year, if not for quite some time, is the state of our oral health. A few areas that call for improvement, and if we act on them, can spell major difference. Maybe any of the following is worth looking into.

Am I brushing my teeth right and flossing everyday? Consider brushing at least twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste, taking at least a no-hurry two minutes doing so. Remember that even adults can benefit from fluoride, that one which strengthens the enamel and staves off plaque-building bacteria. Brush with conscience – all sides, back teeth, including the tongue. Highly recommended to floss, at least before bed. Know that cavities start in hidden places and untouched bacteria colonize within 12 hours.

When was the last time you visited the dentist?

Maybe you’ve been putting off that appointment. Know that the your dentist can see what you cannot see, even if it looks obvious to you that you are in the pink of oral health. Every 6 months is the recommended dental appointment and skipping that may lead to the development of unforeseen issues.

Covering a whole spectrum of oral concerns, visits to the dentist involve cavities detection, presence of cracks, pulp health, gingival health, tongue health, oral mucosa inspection, bite exam, color change of any kind, root and bone health, among others. Every 6 months, a good cleaning is in order as well.

Know from your dental visits, too, about lifestyle modifications that can impact oral health. You probably know about them, but are you a compliant patient? Current medications may affect teeth and gums such as causing some unwanted side effects.

Where diet and nutrition are concerned, you must know also about beneficial foods and which ones to avoid or consume in moderation. Have you followed certain lifestyle modifications, like smoking alcohol consumption and sleep habits. Have you made particular adjustments now that you are wearing dental appliances, like orthodontic braces, fixed or removable bridges, implants, among others?

Better Health and Brighter Smiles for 2018

Mind the health of your teeth and gums and they will serve you in good stead for many, many years more. It is never too late to take on your resolutions and bring them to fruition, for a better and brighter smile.