Affordable Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal with Our Bellevue Dentist

Quick, Easy, and Affordable!

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out? For many people, this is an important procedure to increase comfort and prevent significant damage to your mouth. If you have a set of wisdom teeth that need to be extracted, Overlake Dental’s Bellevue dentist offers affordable extraction services to accommodate any budget.

Your wisdom teeth are a back row of molars that generally erupt in early adulthood. Not everyone will develop wisdom teeth, and those who do will not always need to have them removed. These teeth can cause problems for you in two ways: firstly, they can overcrowd your mouth, pushing your pre-existing teeth aside and compromising your bite. Secondly, their position in the back of your mouth can make it difficult to brush and floss the wisdom teeth, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to tooth decay or gum disease.

Our Bellevue dentist can determine whether or not a wisdom tooth extraction will benefit your dental health with a simple x-ray. If an extraction is deemed to be necessary, we can expertly remove these teeth with a simple oral surgery procedure.

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Low Prices and Flexible Financing for You

Bellevue Overlake Dental strives to accommodate our patients, regardless of their financial situation. To this end, we offer in-house financing with no credit checks. This is not a service that you will get from many dentists, and we are proud to offer it as part of our effort to provide everyone with the quality dental care that they need. We are pleased to offer good prices and effective financing options to our patients throughout the Bellevue area.

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Dr. Monica Yu

Dr. Monica Yu completed her undergraduate degree at University of Puget Sound, with a BA in International Business and Marketing on a piano scholarship. After college graduation, she chased after the sun and explored. She obtained her DMD degree from Midwestern University in Arizona, a state of the art school of the health sciences.

Since graduation in 2013, she completed general dentistry residency, implantology fellowship, Invisalign certification, oral sedation certification, and advanced injections certification. She enjoys providing a wide range of dental and cosmetic services to patients while continuously adding skills in her armamentarium.

Dr. Yu is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. She also has a wide variety of experiences as well as interests. She enjoys traveling, cooking, animals, sci-fi movies, and can always find something to learn from people she meets. While she still plays the piano, nowadays she dedicates her handskills to giving patients a good experience in the clinic.