Bad Breath: The Reasons You’re Struggling

Why Do I Have Foul-Smelling Breath?

Bad breath. This is probably the one thing you don’t want people to remember you by. You don’t want to be told you’ve got bad breath; definitely to be the last to know you’re breath is foul is most embarrassing. So why not do a breath check and see for yourself before anyone else tells you so. Here are some of the top reasons why you might be struggling with bad breath.

You might not be cleaning your mouth the right way. Bad dental hygiene is the most likely cause of bad breath. It is a sign of poor oral hygiene that may eventually lead to periodontal problems. It is not enough that you are only tooth brushing; that’s just 25% cleaning. Be sure you are brushing twice a day, using floss daily, and rinsing with mouthwash. This routine cleans and freshens your mouth by killing bacteria.

You’re not drinking enough water. Lack of fluids in the mouth can cause halitosis because a dry mouth is haven for bacteria to live and multiply. And did you know that saliva fights bacteria? A decrease in the production of saliva also leads to mouth dehydration leading to bacterial growth. Just drink more water.

You’re drinking the wrong fluids. You might think that because you’re drinking lots of alcohol or caffeine, you’re hydrating your mouth. Wrong! These beverages lead to a condition called xerostomia, which is defined as dry mouth resulting from reduced or absent saliva flow. Xerostomia is not a disease, but it may be a symptom of several conditions, like chemotherapy, periods of anxiety, radiation, mouth breathing, drinking acidic beverages, among others.

You’re not eating the right foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and herbs, while avoiding foods that contribute to bad breath like those high in sugar or with particularly potent flavours. Avoid spicy, odorous foods like garlic and onions. If you find that you can’t avoid them, try eating an apple or yogurt afterwards to help fight the compounds released. Also rinse with a strong mouthwash after eating strong flavored foods.

You have a sore throat or post-nasal drip. A small percentage of bad breath issues originate in the nose or sinuses, some from the tonsils. The same bacteria giving you bad breath are the ones that also infect your throat and tonsils. Post-nasal drip can accumulate at the back of the mouth and on the tongue, so this area should be gently cleaned with a tongue scraper.
You might have an underlying health problem. Bad breath can sometimes be a sign of a more serious underlying medical condition. If your breath has a distinctive smell, it can indicate a disease, like cancers, liver failure, and other metabolic diseases due to the specific mixes of chemicals that they produce.

Bad Breath Treatment in Bellevue

Don’t delay seeing your dentist in Bellevue if you are bothered by bad breath. In many cases the situation is treatable. So come by for a consult and let’s see how we can make your breath smelling fresh again.