Being Concerned with the Elderly’s Oral Health

Dental Issues of the Elderly

The elderly, those 60 years and above, are a very special group of patients. With not a few medical concerns to think about, the elderly is also prone to dental health issues. You still have to practise proper oral hygiene – brushing and flossing – as you did when you were as young as your grand- children. Wearing crowns, implants and dentures may have been a part of your younger adult experience but you can still enjoy optimal oral health in spite of these, or because of these. Regular dental visits ensure they perform optimally or will need new ones as you usher in your elderly years.

There is also the link between intake of medications and dental cavities. The elderly are usually on many types of medicines for a variety of illnesses and one common side-effect of many is dry mouth. With decrease saliva production, bacteria build-up occurs easily and attacks tooth structure, leading to cavity formations. You must irrigate your mouth more frequently.

If as younger adults, you do not mind gingivitis and just let this silent inflammation of the gums take its course, you might develop the advanced form of the condition – periodontal disease. You’d notice receding gums exposing roots, or that your teeth seem to appear longer, and deep pockets are surrounding your teeth where food debris and bacteria can lodge. In serious cases, periodontal disease can destroy gums, bone and ligaments. This situation can be avoided and treated if you keep regular appointments and follow dentist’s advice.

Compassionate Dental Care for the Elderly in Bellevue

See your Bellevue dentist soon for an appointment. Overlake Dental is a compassionate center for patients of all ages. The elderly, in particular, are a special group with unique needs we look after.