Caring For Your Oral Health While Traveling

Helpful Oral Health Tips When You Travel

If you are planning on a vacation, a business trip, or any travelling in the near future, be sure you keep in mind your oral health, just like you would do with other things. Are you prepared with what you need to do or bring when it comes to the health of your mouth when you travel? Get some helpful tips here.

If you know you would be traveling from your home base for some length of time, be sure to pay a visit to your dentist first. Have a thorough check-up. You’ll never know if a dental emergency might crop up while you’re away. You must also have enough time to spare for follow-ups in case they are needed. This way, you are assured that no untoward incident related to your mouth health will bother you, especially when you are far away from your dentist who knows your oral health best.

Prepare your dental travel kit early.

Have in there your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and sugarless gum. Better bring along a regular, manual toothbrush rather than your electric toothbrush as you may not know if the voltage matches. Have everything inside a kit that is easily accessible. Include your dentist’s calling card as well as keeping it in your phone and your wallet in case of emergency. Your dentist would know if your issue should be treated right away or can wait until you get back.

If you are out of the country and absolutely in need of a dentist, get in touch with the local consulate or U.S. embassy. You can also ask for a recommendation from them or with your hotel concierge.

If you forgot your toothbrush and you don’t have time to rush to the local drugstore in the area (if there is one), rinse vigorously with water. Or you can put some toothpaste in a clean washcloth or on your clean finger and apply. Do not let cavity-causing bacteria stay too long in your mouth. Buy yourself a regular toothbrush when you have the chance. Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. otherwise, choose a toothbrush with the softest bristles.

Using a Clean Toothbrush

While you can keep your toothbrush clean and air-dried at home, it may be difficult when you are traveling elsewhere. Keep your toothbrush in a resealable plastic bag, out of reach with other stuff in your kit or your luggage. When you get to your destination, let it out and air dry.

Did you know that chewing sugarless gum while in flight can help relieve ear pressure? It also keeps cavities away because you are keeping your saliva flowing. Research shows that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after a meal hydrates the mouth. Be sure you’ve packed an ADA-accepted sugarless gum.


Learning More From Your Bellevue Dentist

When you have a planned lengthy trip coming up, drop by our Bellevue dentist. Let’s see if you and your mouth are ready for travel and prevent any dental emergencies on your trip.