The Cavity Myth

No Pain? No Cavity? It’s a myth!

Far too many people still think that no pain means no cavities. This is an unfortunate myth. The truth is that your best bet is to get into your Bellevue dental clinic before the pain starts, or else you could be facing damage far beyond a simple filling.

The important thing to realize is that much of your tooth doesn’t feel pain. The only nerve in your tooth is found in the soft, inner “pulp” that is encased in the thick, rock-like structure that makes up the rest of your tooth. This unfeeling part is where decay starts. In fact, once your oral bacteria have managed to break a hole through the tiny layer of enamel at your tooth’s surface, you will need treatment.

Prevention is Key

Pain usually doesn’t come until the rot has gone all the way through the dentin and into the pulp. At this point, you’re in root canal country. You’re unlikely to be aware of tooth decay until it reaches this stage, so the only thing to do is to get your regular check-ups and catch your cavities before they get too far.