Could Magnet Therapy Work for My Oral Pain?

Chronic dental pain can be a brutal experience, and a lot of people are willing to try anything that promises to give them some relief. One alternative medicine option that has been popular lately is known as magnet therapy. Under this practice, powerful magnets are placed against key areas of the body for the purposes of managing pain and promoting your natural healing mechanisms. But is magnet therapy all it’s cracked up to be?

Unfortunately, there’s no conclusive way to tell if magnets can effectively manage your pain. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility to think that magnets may be used to some effect on your body, as magnetic fields are present in many of your important systems. However, some of the claims made to support magnet therapy don’t hold up to logical scrutiny. For example, it is claimed by some therapists that the magnets act upon the iron in your blood, even though it is well understood that this iron is not in a state that responds to magnetism.

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