How Can I Avoid Enamel Erosion?

Treatment And Prevention

When you already have tooth enamel erosion, its treatment will depend on the cause. When you consult your dental professional about it, you will be given some options to treat the problem. There are also many easy tips to consider to avoid subjecting your teeth to this condition. Read on and know.

Treatment of tooth enamel loss depends on the problem. There are restorative procedures to consider. The most common one is to use fillings. These may be sufficient to cover small areas of erosion. Sometimes tooth bonding is used to protect the tooth or multiple teeth and improve aesthetics.

If the enamel loss is extensive and fillings are insufficient, the dentist may recommend covering the tooth with a crown. Crowns may protect the tooth from further decay. For multiple teeth veneers are permanent solutions. In very severe cases, tooth extraction may be recommended, or even a root canal.

  1. To help protect and restore your enamel consider some tips to help you reduce your risk for tooth enamel erosion.
  2. Maintain regular and proper oral hygiene. Use fluoridated toothpaste when brushing twice daily. Also floss at least once daily. Fluoride can neutralize plaque bacteria and prevent gingivitis while repairing weakened enamel. Remember to always brush gently.
  3. Minimize or avoid food and drinks high in acidic content, sugar and starches, whether they be meals or in the form of snacks.
  4. If you must, use a straw when consuming acidic drinks. This will lessen the contact of these liquids with the teeth surfaces.
  5. After an acidic meal, be sure to gargle and rinse your mouth with water. Do not brush immediately but wait for an hour, for you will only spread acid over the teeth surfaces with brushing.
  6. Hydrate by drinking water throughout the day, especially if you suffer from dry mouth.
  7. Encourage more saliva flow by chewing on sugarless gum. Other types of sugary gum will only be more harmful than good as sugar attracts bacteria and promotes more acid.
  8. Seek medical attention if you suffer from conditions like reflux disease, heartburn, and bulimia.
  9. See your dental professional if you suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism. Your dentist may prescribe you a night guard or mouth guard to protect your teeth.
  10. Have dental visits every six months for professional cleanings and checkups.


Offering Recommendations For Tooth Erosion in Bellevue

Know more about our options when you are experiencing tooth erosion. We have several services to address enamel loss, as well as more tips and recommendations that are easy to follow.