How To Speed Up Healing After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tips and Helps for Tooth Extraction Healing and Recovery

The treatment of wisdom tooth extraction can cause patients some discomfort by way of pain, swelling, bruising, or some other inconvenience that can drag for quite some time. It is hence important that the healing journey be made as comfortable as possible so as not to impede the quality of life. Here are some helpful tips that can speed up the healing process.

Wisdom tooth extraction can leave a localized swelling in the site of removal. After the anesthetic has waned, you can feel the traumatized tissue undergoing swelling and inflammation, some pain and bleeding, that can make you very uncomfortable. Hence, pay heed to your dentist-surgeon’s after-care instructions to make your healing process go smoothly.

You may be prescribed anti-inflammatory meds, like ibuprofen or naproxen, to decrease the swelling. Ice packs or a cold compress applied to that area of your face where the removal site is will also bring the swelling down and ease any pain that accompanies it. Apply this cold application 15 minutes on and followed by 15 minutes off for a few hours thereafter. Starting 24 hours after your surgery, if swelling still occurs, rinse the mouth with salt water or an oral rinse that is also antiseptic to prevent infection.

Note that immediately after your procedure, your dentist-surgeon will ask you to bite on a gauze pad placed over your wound. Keep it there in the next 60 minutes as it will prevent the wound from further bleeding out, and so that blood clots can form. Blood clots are essential in the healing process because they cover the wound and protect it from infection. They also protect the exposed bone and allow new tissue to grow.

After your gauze has come off, do not dislodge the clots in the next 24 hours. Do not try to rinse your mouth, drink hot fluids, suck on straws, or chew your food. They can dislodge the clot and cause pain. Definitely do not smoke or drink because these things can impede healing.

For a few days more, eat only soft or liquid foods like gelatin, mashed bananas, pudding, thin soup, and the like. Avoid foods that need chewing or crunching, and foods that are spicy. Don’t engage in exercises or any strenuous activity. Raise your head when lying down or when sleeping. Lastly, keep your wound clean with an occasional antiseptic mouth rinse that helps against infection.


Helping In Your Healing Journey in Bellevue

Rest assured that we are here to help you through your healing process after a wisdom tooth extraction. Know more about wisdom tooth removal and its after-care from your Bellevue dentist.