Other Things That Matter Beyond Brushing & Flossing – Part Two

Is your toothbrush clean?

Have you been using it for a long time? Sometimes we don’t bother to clean our brushes. It must be cleaned after every use, or you will just spread the old bacteria on your teeth and gums the next time you use it. After you clean it, allow it to dry and not seal or cover it. It will enable bacteria to build up. Then, please change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or sooner if you observed frayed bristles. Toothbrushes have expiration dates, too. Also, have a change of toothbrush after you have recovered from an illness.

Mouthwashes are Helpful

They are not only great breath fresheners, but also have oral health-boosting abilities. Some mouthwashes are special; they can help strengthen your enamel, reduce plaque formation, and fight off gingivitis. Ask your dentist about therapeutic mouthwashes. Some mouthwashes may have too much alcohol; ask your dentist about that too. They can dry your mouth.

Bellevue Dentistry: Not Missing On The Details

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