Post-Implant Dos and Don’ts

Bellevue Dental Implants

Home-Care Ideas for the New Dental Implants

Going for a dental implant is a major decision you can make with your oral surgeon or implantologist. Certainly, you have been well educated about your options and your final choice. There is no need for you to fear – you have made wise judgment. Implants are not only the most updated of your options, it is also safe and cost-effective in the long run.

After you have had the surgery, it is certainly not the end of the treatment road. Crucial are instructions and precautions from your specialist that you must take to mind as you recover from the procedure. There may be after effects to expect to enable you to better handle situations.

For example, there is presence of swelling and bruising in the area where you’ve had treatment. It is completely normal. You’ve had surgery that opened up part of your gum and bone tissues so some after effects can be felt. However, if pain is severe, consult with your specialist right away.

Your gums will feel tender in the next 2 to 6 days as the tissues try to adjust to the presence of the foreign body, which is your titanium screw in your mouth.
Though your specialist has ensured there will be less bleeding after the surgery, it might happen that you’ll encounter some oozing of blood from the site. It might extend to 24 hours. If it happens, just apply gentle pressure on the gauze for an hour after the surgery.

Oral hygiene is supreme now, more than ever for dental implant patients. You start with rinsing your mouth every 4 to 6 hours with salt water for the next two weeks. Salt water soothes and massages swelling gums while it also inhibits bacterial growth at this crucial time.

You are encouraged to brush and floss your teeth but avoid brushing the operated area as it might interfere with the stitches. Use a low-abrasive toothpaste to avoid scratching any exposed surfaces of the implant.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke during the healing process as both can hamper wound healing and delay it considerably.

Team Effort in Bellevue

Don’t forget to visit us after your implant surgery. We at Overlake Dental are keeping an eye on your progress and healing patterns so we can respond immediately to your needs. Remember that bone healing and proper integration are essential to implant success and so is following your home-care guidelines.