Pregnancy and Dental Care

If you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, be sure to communicate this to our Bellevue dentist. Pregnancy has a lot of serious implications regarding your dental care, and you will want to involve your dentist to assure the best health for not only your teeth but also your new baby.

  • Avoid X-Rays During Pregnancy: As much as recent developments have made dental radiography safer than it’s ever been before, there’s no sense in exposing your fragile new baby to unnecessary radiation. Try to schedule any important x-rays before your pregnancy, if you can.
  • Plan Your Dental Appointments Around your Trimesters: Dental treatment should be avoided during the first and third trimesters, as these are important times in the baby’s development. Routine dental procedures should be safe during the second trimester.
  • Alert Your Dentist of Any Medication You Are Taking: It may be necessary to alter your dental treatment to accommodate new medications.
  • Take Particular Care of Your Teeth: Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy put you at greater risk of periodontal disease. Maintain proper oral hygiene, and pay close attention to your gums for signs of bleeding, swelling, or tenderness.
  • Switch to a Bland-Tasting Toothpaste: Strong, minty flavors can aggravate your morning sickness. Look for a toothpaste with a more neutral taste for the duration of your pregnancy.
  • Rinse After Vomiting: Frequent vomiting exposes your mouth to harsh acids that can break down your teeth and gums. Rinse out with water or mouthwash after vomiting, but don’t brush; the acids in your mouth have temporarily weakened the enamel of your teeth, and brushing too quickly can strip this enamel away.