Protecting Your Gums with Perio-Protect in Bellevue

Why Many Dentists and Patients Love Perio-Protect

Gingivitis is a mild to moderate gum infection that if left untreated or poorly managed will lead to its severe form – periodontitis. The condition becomes generally difficult to treat, but can still be managed with surgical and non-surgical means. Surgery is invasive and requires anesthesia and sedation, and antibiotic cover, such as when dentists do bone grafts and bone surgery, soft tissue grafts, and the combination flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery.

The purpose of these procedures is to restore the support tissues destroyed by the disease in its advanced stage. It requires on-going maintenance in as frequent as 6 weeks or so. Controlling the growth and spread of bacteria is the main aim of non-surgical interventions for periodontitis, such as regular teeth cleaning and the deeper approach of scaling and root planing. These procedures also require regular maintenance, typically repeated every 3 months.

Though both surgical and non-surgical means are helpful, chronic periodontal disease continue to plague 47% of adult Americans. If these means are effective, how come periodontitis is still a growing concern? Perhaps our approaches are not as efficient. Comes in a treatment regimen that is more a home-care approach supplementing other treatment plans: the Perio Tray® by Perio Protect. It is a customized tray that is worn by the patient aimed at delivering medication deep into the gums to fight infection.

It’s a daily application of 10 to 15 minutes, at the start is applied 2 to 3 times a day, long enough and frequent enough to fight bacterial communities, preventing them from growing and spreading. The Perio Tray is your at-home bacteria management tool. It is a more comfortable healing experience, suppressing the stubborn symptoms of gum disease without the sensitive or painful side effects of repetitive scaling or even surgery. Daily applications allow the gums to heal.

The Perio Tray has special internal seals that keep the medication from seeping into the mouth. There is pressure within the seal that forces the medicine deep into the tooth pockets. Actually, the tray is an exact replica of your mouth using your own measurements, a comfortable fit. The impression made by your dentist is sent to the lab for fabrication and ready to use when finished.

Perio-Protect by Bellevue Dentist

If you think you might be a good candidate for Perio Protect, set up an appointment this week. Experience the protection of the Perio-Tray and save your gums from the ravages of periodontitis.