Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Reasons to Undergo Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Sometimes referred to as the third molar, wisdom teeth are the molars near the back of the jaw. These teeth don’t erupt until after the jaw is done growing, which can cause problems with alignment.

The location of these molars also makes it difficult to properly floss and brush these teeth, creating a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to tooth decay or infections.

With wisdom teeth extraction, Bellevue dentist Dr. Monica Yu can expertly remove these teeth with a simple oral surgery procedure.

wisdom tooth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can begin to emerge and then stop. This can cause impaction within the gum and disturb the normal alignment of your other teeth. With impacted wisdom teeth, you may experience pain as the tooth tries to emerge.

Infected or Decayed Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth emerged without a problem, you may be struggling with proper oral hygiene because the teeth are set so far back. This can lead to decay or infection that causes pain and trouble chewing. Our dentists can take x-rays of the teeth and determine if an extraction will benefit your dental health. To prevent further damage to your gums and surrounding teeth, it’s best to have your wisdom teeth checked as soon as you notice discomfort.

Undergoing an Extraction

Dr. Yu has years of experience performing wisdom tooth extractions. Using general or local anesthesia helps patients relax and sleep through the extraction. The office is fully equipped to monitor your vitals and insure your safety during the surgery. After the procedure, patients will experience slight pain as the gums heal, but once healing takes place there are no visible scars or discomfort.

The office staff is happy to answer any questions, and the office offers affordable dental fees and accepts insurance. If you need a wisdom teeth extraction, our dentists will be glad to help you experience the dental health you deserve.