Should I Stop Flossing if it Hurts My Gums?

Flossing is an important part of any oral hygiene routine. However, some people struggle to keep up the habit. Occasionally, this is because of the discomfort that they experience when they try to clean out the gaps between their teeth. Maybe their gums hurt when brought into contact with the floss. Maybe they even get inflamed or start to bleed.

Should this describe your experience, it may be tempting to discontinue your flossing habit. After all, you may suspect that there is something wrong with your gums that your floss is aggravating. As counterintuitive as it may be, though, it is important that you muscle through the pain.

Similar comparison is feeling sore after a weightlifting session, which means that your muscles are getting stronger. The pain, or discomfort, you experience on your gums is the only way you’re going to strengthen up your delicate gum tissues to handle a proper, once-a-day flossing routine.

Learn Proper Flossing Techniques

Of course, if the pain and bleeding is particularly bad, you may want to visit your dentist. Especially if you haven’t been good about your flossing, it is entirely possible that you have a gum disease problem to deal with all the same. There are also recommendations of when to floss. Some dentist will recommend to floss before brushing your teeth. Read about our proper flossing techniques.

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