Why Do I Have Bad Breath?

Some people come to Overlake Dental with complaints of bad breath. Why do they have it? What can they do to stop it? Why does it persist, even though they brush and floss twice a day? It’s not an easy problem to get to the bottom of, as the source of your halitosis might not even be related to your teeth.

Poor Oral Hygiene

It’s true that poor oral hygiene is a big cause of bad breath, but if your teeth are clean and your breath refuses to follow suit, the problem likely goes deeper. Consider foods like garlic and onions, for example. You’re probably aware that these can stink up your mouth, but did you know that it takes more than brushing to get rid of the smell? This is because the odorous agents in garlic and onions travel through your bloodstream and end up in your lungs, where they’re able to foul up your breath at the source. If this is your problem, your only recourse may be to cut back on certain favorite foods.

Alternatively, bad breath may be indicative of an infection somewhere else in your body. If you’ve eliminated bad oral hygiene, garlic, and onions as the culprit, it may be time to see a doctor.