Technology and the Patient-Dentist Bond

The Ties That Bind

Technology has indeed impacted positively on dental care, broadening the horizons and leading to discoveries and advancements making possible state-of-the-art dentistry. Technology applies to almost everything dentistry – from diagnostics to impression-taking, restoration design to 3D printing images, and many more. While dental practitioners are becoming more adept with today’s innovations, becoming knowledgeable in different applications, be it in clinical or laboratory scenarios, is technology taking away something that used to bind dentist and patient?

What has technology brought to dental practice? How does it affect the professional practitioner? How about his patients? Is the connectivity between care provider and care receiver changed much?

Technology has brought competence to dental practice, inspiring confidence in new and existing patients. A dental office with up-to-date setting, including its chairs, machinery, materials, and a tech-savvy staff are telling prospects and callers how seriously capable is the practice. It’s the impression that the dentist is staying abreast with the newest advances, continually learning for his own good and the good of his practice.

The benefits of technology cascade to patients who see it applied to them with legitimate and tangible results. Patients hear and are made to understand what a particular technology can do. Technologies introduced into practice are enabling greater precision, productivity, and time savings than methods from the past. Restorations can be done in hours rather than weeks, radiation exposures are limited to its lowest levels making imaging safer, lasers can make quick work of cavities and gum tissue with pin-point precision, and these are some of the advantages of high technology.

Dental Technology in Bellevue Overlake Dental

Technology has enhanced communication between dentist and patient. Text and email messages keep both parties easily and conveniently in touch. Automatically generated appointment reminders improve patient compliance and tracking leading to better office efficiency. Modern social media has created closer ties and genuine familiarity between the parties. While technology improved connectivity, still the personal relationship matters most. Rather than creating barriers, technology proved to have more pros than cons.

At Overlake Dental, patients clearly see and experience the benefits of high technology in most of our approaches and techniques. What is also as clear as daylight is the bond we nurture with all our clients. It’s what giving care is all about, really.