The Trouble with Thumb-Sucking

If you have a kid, it’s fairly likely that he or she sucks his or thumb at least occasionally. Most kids will lose the habit by themselves at some point between the age of two and four, but some will persist longer than others to a point that the parents start to get concerned. Indeed, the effect that habitual thumb-sucking on your teeth is well-understood; it can cause teeth to come in crooked, possibly requiring costly orthodontic work down the line.

Thumb Sucking Habit

There are ways to help your child get past a thumb-sucking habit. In many cases, the habit can be linked to insecurity. Explore anything that may be causing insecurity in your child, and look for ways to help him or her get past it. If this doesn’t work, consider putting a bandage around the thumb to serve as a reminder, or having your child wear socks over his or her hands while sleeping.

Should you require any other help with your child’s oral health, talk to our Bellevue dentist.