Tips in Caring for Your Dentures

Tips for Denture Care

Dentures can be considered part of your personality, an extension of your oral health, and hence, must have the proper care they deserve. Dentures can last for a long time but if they are neglected or mistreated, they can hurt your overall look or damage other oral structures.

Brush and rinse dentures daily, especially after a heavy or starchy meal. Do not use toothpaste, though, as it can create small scratches on the surface where food or liquid can cling to and cause staining. Use soft bristled brushes and gentle strokes, holding them firmly so they don’t fall, but not too hard as you can bend the attachments. Ask your dentist for a cleansing recommendation, but household cleaners and bleaching agents are harsh and damaging.

Keep your dentures moist when not wearing them for they can dry out and lose their shape. Plain water or a soaking solution will do, however, if there are metal attachments in your denture, the solution can tarnish the metal. Definitely, do not pour hot water on your appliance or soak it for the heat can cause warping.

Leave it to Experts in Bellevue

Do not attempt to try to fix your denture on your own. If you see bends, cracks, or warping, go to your dentist and let him take care of it. Don’t think you can handle such a small appliance by yourself for any change you apply – re-aligning, bending, pushing, or even using adhesives – can cause changes to the structure and can be detrimental to your tissues. Remember that your denture is a precise appliance.

Your Bellevue dentist is your resource person for the care of dentures. Overlake Dental is concern with your smiles, which extends to the appliances you wear for your continuing oral health.