Ways To Get Teeth Stains Removed And Get Teeth White Again

Understanding Teeth Whitening

As appearances matter, as well as the perception of good health, you want any stain or discoloration on teeth treated and removed. It helps if you understand the procedure of restoring the original color of your teeth to its natural white hue.

Teeth whitening procedures happen in two ways. For extrinsic stains, it is important to remove the stains found on the outer layer of teeth, the enamel. Intrinsic stains, the ones that are found after the enamel surface, the dentin, any stain must also be removed. The second process is to ensure that new stains do not come back. Hence, the process involves stain removal, stain bleaching, and stain protection.

Where stain removal on the surface of teeth is concerned, your dentist uses products that perform physical and chemical actions that bring about abrasion and stain disruption. When the stain compound is disrupted, it gets destroyed and easily removed. This leaves the natural enamel whiteness to come through.

When it comes to stains that have accumulated below the enamel, meaning involving the dentin already, a chemical process is prescribed that removes the oxidation brought about by the stain molecules. The process is called bleaching. It uses the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, in specific concentrations depending on the degree of whiteness appropriate or is required.

Professional teeth whitening is your best option for an effective and safe teeth whitening procedure. While one-off whitening products are readily available and cheap, they may cause damage to your teeth and gums as they are usually of strong and harsh chemicals.

How do you protect your teeth from new stains? First of all, proper oral hygiene is paramount. Brushing twice daily with fluoride, flossing once daily, and the occasional mouthwash is essential. Avoid food and drinks, and certain habits like smoking, to keep your teeth’s whiteness. Regular dentist visits also keep your pearly whites in good condition.


Choosing Bellevue Dentist For Effective Whitening

If you have decided to be confident again with a bright and healthy smile, consider teeth whitening at Overlake Dental. Bellevue dentistry provides safe and effective professional whitening without worries.