What Can Cause A Dental Abscess And What Are The Signs?

Dental Abscess Types, Causes and Symptoms

Find out all about the types of dental abscesses, their causes and symptoms that tell you about their presence. You may find out that dental abscesses are quite common among the population.

A dental abscess is a pocket of thick, yellowish fluid that builds up in specific areas in and around teeth. Pus is a common name for it. If this collection of pus builds up within the gums beside the root of a tooth, it is referred to as a periodontal abscess or gum abscess. If it originates at the tip or apex of the root, it’s called an apical abscess. Sometimes a dental abscess is also called a lesion.

What causes abscess? It is usually due to bacteria that has invaded the tooth or has penetrated gum tissue and hereby causes an infection. The infection usually originates within the soft pulp of the tooth that may reach the root and spread through gum tissue. The pus formation may also be the result of advanced periodontal disease.

Plaque is the culprit of this infection, being a by-product of food, saliva, and bacteria in the mouth. With poor oral hygiene, plaque continues to build up and cause cavities to form on tooth structure. Pus may start to appear at the focus of infection if the condition remains chronic. The abscess can also result from an injury to the tooth or gum, or a foreign object that gets lodged in the gum tissue.

What are the signs and symptoms of dental abscess?

  • Pain is the main and most common symptom. It can be described as sharp, throbbing, and can even radiate to the ear, jaw or the neck.
  • You can feel pain when you lie down, or when you chew or bite on food.
  • The tooth can feel sensitive to touch or pressure.
  • The tooth may be discolored.
  • Gums may appear red, swollen, inflamed and sensitive to touch.
  • You can have fever and a foul taste in the mouth if pus escapes into the oral cavity.

When you have these symptoms, a prompt visit to your dentist is highly recommended.


Recognizing Dental Abscess in Bellevue

Truly, when you experience any of the signs and symptoms associated with dental abscesses, see your Bellevue dentist promptly. Bellevue Overlake Dental offers prompt and effective services and treatments.