What Should I Do if I Lose a Filling?

Losing a Dental Filling

We’ve come a long way with fillings so that it should be rare for you to have one fall out. However, fillings are not indestructible. There may come a time when a filling pops out of your tooth, possibly due to sharp trauma, possibly while you are chewing a sticky substance, and possibly for no apparent reason at all. In such an event, it is important that you visit our Bellevue dentist as soon as possible so that we can replace your filling and protect the vulnerable dentin of your tooth.

Some people swallow their fillings when they fall out. This is generally nothing to worry about. Modern dental fillings are made from non-toxic materials which will pass harmlessly through your system.

After getting your filling replaced, your dentist may want to explore the reasons why you lost a filling in the first place. There may be some decay around your filling that compromised its integrity. Talk to our dentists at Overlake Dental to learn more.