Whitening Teeth While Wearing Dental Braces

Different Whitening Options

Can you still whiten your teeth while you have braces on?

Yes, you can. It’s important, however, to know which whitening option is best suited to your brace type. You will not have many options if you’re using the traditional braces, which have brackets that cover the front of the teeth. On the other hand, lingual or removable aligners allow for a more thorough whitening treatment to be completed as the surfaces of the teeth are not obstructed.

For those with lingual or removable braces, due to the front surfaces of the teeth being exposed, the best whitening treatment is In-Office whitening. This can be accomplished in one or two dentist visits. The procedure is quite simple. A strong bleaching agent will be applied on the teeth to lift the stains and thereby whiten the teeth. Most practices may use special UV lighting to speed up the whitening process.

An alternate whitening option should be considered for those with traditional braces. If the same whitening procedure is applied to these braces, teeth may acquire a two-tone color when the time comes to remove the braces. This is due to the presence of the metal brackets on the teeth front which obstructs the whitening application. Hence, only when the braces are off can teeth whitening be recommended.

As far as at-home teeth whitening is concerned, there are some very effective methods that can be carried out in the comfort of home. White strips, bleaching gels, and whitening trays are recommended for quick whitening for those using lingual braces or removable aligners. They may not be prescribed for traditional braces because of the difficult process to whiten. Also, due to the shifting of teeth during the orthodontic process, it may increase tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

Can everyday whitening be considered for those wearing braces?

Yes. Incorporating whitening products in one’s daily oral care routine is recommended. Whatever the type of braces you are wearing, a whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash are great ways to keep up that great smile. Some products can remove 80% of surface stains, protect against further staining, and freshen breath at the same time. Additionally, an electric toothbrush can work better than your usual manual one, able to remove even stains under your braces.


Confident Smiles While Wearing Braces in Bellevue

Whatever type of braces you have, there’s a whitening option right for you, here at Overlake Dental in Bellevue. See us for a consultation.