Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are More Preferred Than Others

The Most Natural-Looking Dental Filling

Dentists are finding more and more of their patients opting for tooth-colored fillings to fix damaged teeth. The most important reason for this preference is the natural and pleasing aesthetics that these fillings provide. The filling is the same color as the rest of one’s natural teeth so that a difference could not be detected. There are other advantages of tooth-colored fillings in spite of a few challenges.

Tooth-colored fillings are also called composite resins, and more popularly, white fillings. They are made from materials of the same color as natural teeth, thus restoring the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. As fillings, they blend well with the enamel and don’t look like fillings. It is mostly recommended for the front teeth, but they can also be used for the more posterior teeth.

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings, are durable and resistant to fracture if placed in teeth that can withstand moderate forces and constant pressure from chewing. The filling works best in small to moderate size prepared cavities. Due to the filling’s capability to bond to teeth adhesively, when preparing the tooth to receive the filling, your dentist will remove less of the healthy tooth, and not too much. However, if the decayed area is large or is subject to heavy chewing, another type of restoration may be recommended by your dentist.

The procedure to place a composite resin may generally take longer than a metal filling, such as amalgam or gold. This is because your dentist will require a completely clean and dry area to work on when applying the filling. However, composite fillings can usually be done in one visit.

Composites may cost more than amalgam, but patients who prefer that more natural look would find the cost worth it. And like other restorations, these tooth-colored resins may require replacement from time to time. Hence, in order to preserve the life of your composite, avoid tooth decay that may develop elsewhere around the tooth. The practice of proper oral hygiene cannot be expressed enough; as well as regular visits to your dentist that can spot issues early.


Learning More About White Fillings in Bellevue

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