Your Genetics and Your Dental Care

Do you ever feel like, despite your best efforts, you’re just not getting the same results with your dental care that other people are? Indeed, some people do have it easier than others. Your genetics can play a big part in your oral health. What follows is a list of some of the bigger ways in which your genes can affect your dental care:

  • Some people naturally have more sensitive gums than others, and are naturally more inclined towards gingivitis.
  • Do you have a family history of bleeding disorders, like clotting problems? This can have adverse implications on your dental procedures, and you should inform our Bellevue dentist if you struggle with such problems.
  • If many people in your family have worn braces, you may be genetically disposed towards having your teeth come in crooked.
  • There are certain disorders that run in the family, and make it more difficult for you to take care of your teeth. Diabetes, for example, makes you prone to having your mouth dry out and leaves you vulnerable to decay.