Athletes and Tooth Decay

The London Olympics of 2012 attracted many athletes in peak physical condition from throughout the world. Unfortunately, despite their well-toned bodies and exceptional constitutions, their impressive health did not extend to their teeth and gums. It was observed that about a fifth of the participating athletes exhibited some form of oral health problem. Some had toothaches, others bleeding gums, and some were suffering so badly that it threatened to disqualify them from the games.

Indeed, the athlete’s lifestyle is not conducive of good oral health. A big part of the problem is the diet employed by the average athlete. When quick energy is a concern, you tend to consume a carbohydrate-heavy diet, which lends itself to tooth rot.

Further, when you exercise, the water in your body is expelled. Taken to an extreme, this dehydrates you and impairs your mouth’s ability to protect itself from decay. It also doesn’t help that many athletes will try to replenish their fluids by drinking sugary sports drinks.

If you’re an athlete, be sure that you’re giving yourself the dental care that you need. Consult our Bellevue dentist to learn more.