Bellevue Dentist: Know about Dental Sedation for Kids

Parents’ Role in Dental Sedation for Children

Is your child up for a surgical procedure at the dentist’s clinic and requiring anesthesia? Your child’s safety and well-being are your topmost concerns. While the dentist can assure you a safe procedure, you can help reduce the risks and the stress for your child before, during and after the treatment.

Firstly, know the sedation options your dentist will use. There are three: oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and intravenous injection. Oral sedation is by mouth or through the nose, taking up to 20 minutes to work. It will not put the child to sleep, but it helps him stay calm and relaxed. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is delivered by mask and the child relaxes within five minutes and goes to sleep. Intravenous sedation is delivered via a needle inserted into the child’s vein at the back of his hand, though nitrous oxide may be given first to make the patient sleep before the injection.

A few things first before you bring your child to the clinic. Prepare your child for the procedure by restricting his food and liquid intake as sedation poses the risk of vomiting stomach contents or inhaling them into the lungs. Loose-fitting clothes allow attaching of monitors easily and without fuss. Of course, a full dental and medical history of the patient must be disclosed by parents, including any past or current medications. At the dentist’s, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, temperature and heart rate are closely monitored.

You can keep your child calm and preoccupied by bringing along a favorite toy or book, hold his hand or give gentle reassurances. Your attention is fully focused on the child. Especially when he wakes up after the sedation, he sees you first and gets positive reassurances again. He can still be confused or fussy and may feel nauseous. For the first few hours, he may be disoriented or sleepy and definitely need not engage in school or play for the day. Soft foods are recommended for a few days. Any fever, bleeding or pain experiences must be reported to the dentist at once.

Safe and No-Fuss Anesthesia for Kids by Bellevue Dentist

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