Keeping Your Mouth Healthy even when You’re Sick

Tips to Keep Your Mouth Healthy While Sick

Did you ever feel slightly better after brushing our teeth in spite of the fact that you’re sick? It can be psychological but it does make you feel like you’re getting well. When you’re down with the flu or a cold, you ought to still maintain your routine oral care. Here are some tips that can help you on your way to wellness, in body and in the mouth.

Practice proper oral hygiene. Keep your mouth covered when you sneeze or cough. And keep your hands clean. You can transfer germs to things and places and people around you. You are certainly not sharing your toothbrush but make sure they are also clean. If the brush is more than 3 months old, it is high time to change it. Of course, continue brushing and flossing, have mouthwashes if need be for they refresh the mouth.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Know that sugar clings to teeth and bacteria love to colonize them, leading to decay and cavities. Choose sugar-free cough candies. Don’t keep sweets in your mouth for too long, like sucking on them. Stay away from sodas and acidic juices, like lemon. Plain water is your better and best friend during these times, or have tea without the sugar. Stay hydrated with water as some meds you might be taking are causing dry mouth, a condition that attracts bacterial growth.

Does your illness cause you to vomit? Stomach acids can cling to teeth and weaken your enamel. Do not brush right away. Brushing too soon will just spread the acid all over the tooth surfaces. Instead, take water, swish it around your mouth and spit. Or you can use water with one teaspoon of baking soda and do the same. Baking soda washes away the acid. Then you can brush and floss, 30 minutes later.

Healthy Mouth at all Times

Know more about oral care and oral health from Dr. Yung, your Bellevue dentist. Remember, there is no reason to neglect your dental health even if you’re body is down and sick.