Bellevue Overlake Dental: An Awesome Experience

Why you should choose us

Sometimes a dental office visit can be a very unpleasant experience in spite of the clinic’s good intentions. You come in for treatment and all your senses open up to even the slightest discomfort. We totally understand that.

Here at Overlake, you might say that we bring ‘friendly’ to a whole new level of experience. Our dentist and staff are very people-oriented; all who come through our doors are treated as family. We always ask how you feel, if there is any discomfort, fear, or concern that need to be addressed. We also are great listeners, believing that what you have to say matters.

Our treatments are personalized, seeing that outcomes fit your personality, your lifestyle, and contribute to your overall oral health. We use high-end tech instrumentations and equipment to deliver sound and time-saving solutions in the treatment of choice. Whenever indicated and as much as it is possible, we resort to minimally-invasive methods, saving viable structures and preserving the natural look of teeth.

We value your time and see to it that we work within the period it takes to deliver the service. No time is wasted from the moment you walk in for your appointment, no unplanned treatment, and no unnecessary expense. We provide the New Patient Kit for new customers to streamline the initial process and prepare us both for our engagement.

Bellevue Overlake Dental

We invite you to come to Overlake Dental and see what our rave reviews are all about. Have a great experience with us. Rest assured that we deliver quality, professional service and continue to do so in our neighborhood.