Pregnancy and Oral Care

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is safe. It’s not only safe, but highly recommended.

If you’re pregnant, your hormone levels are elevated during a pregnancy and as such you become highly prone to gum infections. Gums tend to be sensitive to irritation and sometimes will swell or bleed. So, preventive dentistry is really necessary to keep teeth and gums in top performing condition even while you are pregnant.

Be sure to keep regular dental appointments so your dentist can keep track of your oral status and forewarn you about unfavorable habits you might have acquired that are detrimental to you and your baby. Your dentist can also spot beginnings of decay or infection that can be addressed immediately.

When it comes to dental work like cavity fillings and extractions, which may be necessary to keep infection at bay, those can be done safely. However, cosmetic treatments and other multi-visit treatments are better deferred until after delivery. The second trimester will be most ideal for any dental work, while any work done in the third trimester will make lying on one’s back too long highly uncomfortable.

Advice from your Bellevue Dentist

Your Bellevue dentist is well aware about the needs of this particular population of patients. Because of your delicate situation, he understands which treatments are necessary. He will allay your concerns about safety, keep your treatments precise and short, limit X-ray exposures if done at all, use as little anesthesia as can be allowed, and prescribe the safest antibiotics for the pregnant user.