Biting Your Cheeks: Is Something Wrong with Your Teeth?

We all bite down on our cheeks every once in a while. It’s never a pleasant experience, and it can take a while for these delicate tissues to repair themselves. Some people find that they bite down on their cheeks more often than they think they should, which makes them wonder whether or not the problem may be in their teeth.

The good news is that biting your cheeks is one of those things that is just going to happen to all of us periodically. Even if your teeth are perfectly straight and healthy, you will occasionally make a mistake.

If you are biting yourself multiple times in the same place, it is probably because the injured tissues of your cheek have become swollen and therefore easier to bite a second time, further aggravating your injury. You therefore will want to take particular care of your cheek when you chew, avoiding any further bites and allowing the tissues to recover. If the problem is particularly bad, you can consult your dentist about orthodontic wax or a similar protective product. Talk to our Bellevue dentist to learn more.