Could Tea Give You Cancer?

Tea, in many of its forms, is largely regarded as a health food. Fans of these valuable beverages drink them for their antioxidants and other valuable nutrients. It can therefore come as a surprise that your tea-drinking habit may be linked to a greater risk of throat cancer.

This is according to research conducted on a selection of patients suffering from esophageal cancer. Studies revealed that it was those who regularly drank more than a litre of hot black tea that were most likely to develop malignant growths in the throat. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up tea in order to save your throat. It would seem that the problematic factor at play is the high temperature of the beverage, which can be damaging to your fragile tissues. Tea of above sixty-five degrees seems to entail greater risk, while tea of over seventy degrees is substantially worse.

With this in mind, try allowing your tea to sit for at least four minutes after it is done boiling. It is after this point that you can expect it to fall below the sixty degree mark. Meanwhile, you can stay on the lookout for cancerous developments in the throat and mouth with regular visits to our Bellevue dentist.