Bulimia vs. Your Teeth

Bulimia is an unfortunate eating disorder. Though it is unhealthy in many of the same ways that anorexia is, it is different in the sense that a bulimic person is perfectly willing to eat food so long as he or she regurgitates it shortly thereafter before it has a chance to be absorbed by the body. This not only serves to mask the eating disorder, as a bulimic individual frequently looks perfectly healthy, but it also has an additional effect on the oral health of the individual.

If you’ve ever known bulimic people, you may have noticed that they have a tendency to lose their teeth. This is a direct result of their habitual regurgitation of their meals. Every time they vomit, the harsh acids of their stomachs are washing over their throats, teeth, and gums. In exactly the same way that the acid produced by your oral bacteria breaks down your enamel and delicate tissues, your stomach acid is also capable of inviting tooth decay and gum disease upon yourself.

Should you or someone you know struggle with bulimia, our Bellevue dentist strongly advises that you seek help. There is nothing worthwhile about starving yourself and destroying your teeth in the process.