Treating Hypersensitive Teeth at Bellevue Overlake Dental

Hypersensitive Teeth Causes

Have you been noticing that your teeth has been sensitive? For example, when you drink hot or cold beverages.

Most of the time, the sensitivity passes by quickly. If you can feel an increased sensitivity, you should get it checked by your dentist.

It is possible that you may have hypersensitive teeth. The most common causes are the exposure of the roots. Caused by receding gums. Another cause can be the exposure of dentin, which is the layer underneath the enamel. If there has been erosion on your enamel, it can cause sensitivity. Harsh brushing, strong toothpaste or chronic gum inflammation can also cause hypersensitivity.

For enamel erosion, high acidic foods, teeth whitening or bleaching or smoking can be the causing factors. It softens the enamel exposing your dentin. There are nerves connected to your teeth and can be sensitive to outside elements. Other common causes of hypersensitivity are cavities, a cracked or chipped tooth, or a recent filling.

Care and Attention to Sensitivity

Here at Overlake Dental, your Bellevue dentist, Dr. Monica Yu must can determine the cause of the sensitivity so that appropriate treatment is provided. Dr. Yu has seen many cases of highly sensitive teeth. He will say that your teeth are trying to tell you what’s wrong and that you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms.