Could Lemons Rot Your Teeth?

Bellevue Dentist - Overlake Dental | Lemons vs. Your TeethMost tooth decay occurs when the oral bacteria eats sugars in your mouth and secretes a strong acid that can break down your dental enamel and create cavities into your dentin.

However, this is not the only acid that can harm your teeth. Even a reasonably healthy variety of acid, like the citric acid found in many fruits, has the potential to contribute to tooth rot.

According to a scientific study, lemons are a particularly problematic choice. Lemon juice has been found to do more damage than the juice of any other citrus fruit. Many people compound the problem even further by pairing lemons with high levels of sugar, like the sugar found in most lemonade.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to cut lemons out of your diet. Consider being mindful of the acidic foods you consume, treating them as you might treat sugary snacks. Meanwhile, be sure to get your regular cleanings with our Bellevue dentistry clinic, and you should be able to enjoy the nutritional benefits of lemons without rotting your teeth.