Toothaches and Aspirin

There is a myth floating around that you can ease a toothache by placing an aspirin next to it. However, our Bellevue dentist advises that this is not a wise course of action. Not only will this not mitigate your pain, but you are in fact only making your problem worse.

A toothache generally results from an inflammation of the pulp inside the tooth, which is thereby crowded by the unmovable shell that makes up the rest of the tooth. An anti-inflammatory drug can ease the pain, but only if you swallow it and allow it to make its way to the afflicted tissues through the bloodstream. As an aspirin is acidic, merely holding one in your mouth is further contributing to the breakdown of your gums and enamel, exactly as if you were holding a sugary candy by your tooth.

When your tooth is hurting, swallow the aspirin, ice the area or rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can ease gum swelling. If you have concerns, please call Overlake Family Dental as soon as possible.