Dealing With Canker Sores

Some people come to our Bellevue dentist with concerns about their canker sores. What are they? How do you get rid of them? The answers are never easy, because nobody is entirely sure what causes these sores. However, if the pain is bothering you, there are measures you can take to combat these oral nuisances.

Canker sores can generally be linked to irritation of the tissues in the mouth. You will therefore want to prevent further aggravation towards these tissues by keeping away from anything that might poke, burn, or irritate the area. This can mean avoiding certain foods, particularly acidic ones like citrus fruits. It also means cutting back on activities like gum chewing, which increases your risk of biting down on the sore.

The pain from a canker sore shouldn’t generally last longer than a few days, and the sore should heal completely within two weeks. If it persists longer than this, or if it is a particularly large or painful sore, then greater action may be called for. Contact your dentist about such sores.