On Guard for Stealthy Sugar

If our Bellevue dentist asked you if you knew the causes of tooth decay, you’d probably have an answer ready. You’re sure to know that candies, gums, sodas, and other sweet-tasting foods are the biggest no-no’s of dental hygiene. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Agents of tooth rot can be hiding where you least suspect them. Many people assume that only junk food poses any particular threat to their teeth, but this is far from true. Fruit is one of the sneaker sources of sugar; though fruit is a valuable part of your diet, even whole, all-natural fruit can be just as hard on your teeth as certain sweets. This is especially true for fruit juices and dried fruit.

Another unfortunate antagonist is your cough drop. Many medicinal items like this are packed with sugar, and a minute or two of sucking on one can quickly turn your mouth into a bacterial free-for-all. So, after relieving that pain in your throat, be sure to rinse!