Dealing With Fissured Tongue

Do you have grooves or cracks running down the length of your tongue? This is something that our Bellevue dentistry clinic knows as fissured tongue.

Fissured tongue, sometimes known as “plicated tongue” or “scrotal tongue”, is something that between 2% and 5% of the population of the US has. It is characteristic of fissures that run across the top and sides of the tongue, sometimes getting as deep as six millimeters. These fissures occasionally appear during childhood, though they more often show up during adulthood and get deeper with age.

Should you have a fissured tongue, don’t worry. Fissured tongue is generally nothing to worry about. The condition is more or less harmless, simply representing a variation on the more typical tongue. You may need to take extra care in scraping your tongue in order to clear away detritus that gets stuck in the grooves and cause irritation, but you will probably not require any special treatment. If you would like to learn more about fissured tongue, consult your dentist.