Dental Care Following a Heart Attack

After you have suffered a heart attack, you will need to take special measures to look after your own health for a while as you recover. This naturally means adopting a heart-healthy diet and avoiding anything that causes you stress. However, it is far easier to ignore the potential implications of your heart attack on your dental health.

Following your heart attack, it is wise to wait for at least six months before you schedule any dental treatments. Visiting the dentist is a source of stress for many people, and you may not be in a condition to handle such stress for a while. Meanwhile, if you are taking medication to treat your condition, you will have to assure that it is not going to interact poorly with any treatment you receive. Be sure to inform our Bellevue dentist if you have had a heart attack, and provide a list of any medications you are using, along with their dosages. It is also a good idea to provide the contact information of your doctor, just in case anything should go wrong during your appointments.