Thrush and Your Child’s Mouth

Thrush is a fungal condition that most commonly happens in infants and toddlers. It happens when the candida fungus manages to grow wild the child’s mouth. This is a painful and detrimental condition, but you can take measures to protect yourself or your child from this unfortunate condition.

The candida fungus is commonly present in any mouth, but it is usually kept in check by your saliva. It is for this reason that anything which dries out your mouth can potentially encourage the development of thrush. Stress, smoking, and certain medications can all contribute to this. If you can control these factors in your own life, you are less likely to infect the vulnerable mouth of an infant in your life.

On top of this, the best thing you can do for your child is give him or her proper dental care. Work to foster good oral hygiene, limit consumption of sugars and yeast-heavy foods, and bring him or her in for regular dental appointments at our Bellevue dentistry clinic.