The Dental Challenges of Diabetes

Good dental care is important for everyone, but in particular people who struggle against diabetes. Our Bellevue dental clinic cautions such people to be especially careful with their teeth, for their condition puts them at greater risk of periodontal problems.

Diabetes causes poor blood circulation, which hinders your ability to resist infections. It also means that your saliva frequently becomes saturated with glucose, which cultivates the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Therefore, compared to a person with a controlled blood sugar level, diabetics are highly susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

To make things worse, gum disease can further aggravate your blood sugar level. Diabetic patients with gum disease need more medication to regulate their condition, and their blood sugar becomes more manageable only after their gum disease is brought under control.

It’s a vicious cycle, and the best way to defend yourself from it is to maintain strict oral hygiene. If you are a diabetic, contact your dentist to learn more about its implications on your oral health.