Does Gum Disease Cause Pancreatic Cancer?

Brushing and flossing isn’t just a good way to keep strong teeth and healthy gums. Indeed, maintaining good oral health is an important part of maintaining good health throughout the rest of your body. When you suffer from tooth decay and gingivitis, you are inviting a list of other conditions upon yourself, one of which may be pancreatic cancer.

This is according to research done at the Harvard School of Public Health, which found that men who had a history of a type of gum disease known as periodontitis have a 64% greater chance of having pancreatic cancer, compared to men who never had periodontitis. The results of this study do not make it clear whether the gum disease is responsible for increasing your risk of pancreatic cancer, or if a risk factor of pancreatic cancer increases your vulnerability to periodontitis, but it seems evident that there is some sort of relationship.

One way or the other, regular dental care is a vital part of your general health. Contact our Bellevue dentistry clinic to schedule an appointment.