Important Nutrients for a Happy Mouth

Clean and Healthy Mouth

There are many ways you can tailor your diet to foster a clean and healthy mouth. A tooth-friendly diet means more than just avoiding excess refined sugar, like those in candy and soda, there are also many nutrients that are important for your teeth and gums.

Nutrients for Oral Health

If you are looking for more ways to encourage strong teeth, make sure that you are getting enough of the following in your diet:

  • Calcium: You need calcium to rebuild tooth and bone structure. Get calcium from dairy products, meat, and and certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Vitamin D: You need vitamin D to absorb calcium. You get this vitamin from modest exposure to the sun, or from certain fortified foods.
  • Vitamin C: A lack of vitamin C encourages tooth decay and gum disease. You can get ample vitamin C from fruit and certain vegetables.
  • Fiber and Whole Grains: High fiber foods like grains, vegetables, and fruits can scrub at your teeth as you chew.

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